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Posted on September 02 2016

Spring dress

It's Mandy!!! She was the very first model we had on the site. How gorgeous is she?? Anyways, we asked, she answered, we love.

1. What's your guilty TV pleasure?
2. Do you have a secret celebrity crush? Maybe it's not much of a secret...
Justin Timberlake or Chris Hemsworth!!
3. What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch and why?
I love to watch gymnastics. It's not only a beautiful sport but is so incredible to see what the human body can do! 
4. Which app on your phone/ipad/etc do you use the most? Which one is your absolute favorite?
I probably use my Facebook the most. I enjoy following my friends and family and seeing all their adventures.
5. What's your favorite piece in your closet?
I love my Converse. I wear them with my favorite black dress or Jeans and a Tee.


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